This has some excellent information about treating unwanted grasses and weeds in your lawn.

Here are my most read blog postings during 2012:

Number 1:  How to Kill Crabgrass in Your Lawn NOW – May 2012

“Used to be the only way to rid your lawn of crabgrass was to prevent it from starting to grow in spring and then to dig out any stray crabgrass plants during summer before they produced thousands of seeds.  Now Ortho has a very effective crabgrass killer that not only kills crabgrass after you have it growing in your lawn, but also takes out hundreds of other kinds of weeds without harming your good grass”  (Click here to read more)

Number 2:  Kill That Bright Green Grassy Lawn Weed Called Nutsedge – April 2012

“You think you are getting rid of this very pesky weed because it is easy to pull. However, Nutsedge quickly grows back from the bulb-like roots that are left behind in the soil.”

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