Green Up Your Lawn in the Spring


Many people wonder how to get their lawn to green up in the spring quickly.  The first step is to mow the grass short.  It may not need to be mowed after winter dormancy, although this can really help.  If you usually mow at the recommended height of three inches (cool season grasses) then mow it at about 2 to 2 1/2 inches.  This helps expose more of the plant and soil and allows the soil to begin warming faster.  Once the soil is above 65 degrees the grass will begin to grow and turn green.  Another very important step is to fertilize.  Spring is a good time to add nutrients to the soil and prevent unwanted weeds.  We recommend a quality two stage pre-emergent herbicide with turf food.  The first application should be applied in early spring, and the second application applied according to the fertilizer label, usually about 60 days after the first application.  Between applications, we recommend a quality weed and feed application.  

Follow these steps and your lawn will be green in no time.  Also contact your local lawn care professional, or if you live in the Kansas City area, contact SK Lawn Care for all your lawn and landscape needs at


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