Don’t Be Fooled By Inferior Lawn and Landscape Contractors

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There are numerous lawn and landscape contractors in the Kansas City area, but how do you know which one to choose?  There is a lot at stake when hiring a lawn and landscape service provider.  You want to make sure your investment will go to a company who will increase your property value.  It is important to do your research on the company.  You don’t want just any random person coming to your home or property to mow, trim bushes, install mulch ect.  You want a reputable lawn and landscape company who knows what they are doing, and can do it well.  One of the best ways of researching a company is looking at online reviews.  This is a very honest and straight forward way of determining the lawn and landscape contractors reputation.  Also, don’t just look to see if they have reviews, actually read the reviews.  SK Lawn Care has many reviews on Google and Yelp.  You can tell when someone is proud of the landscape work done by the review they write.  We have customers write reviews that are multiple paragraphs long.  This shows they were so proud of the work done that they sat down and wrote a long review of how their experience was with our company.  We take just as much pride in our work as we do our reviews.  We want our customers to look at their lawn and landscape every morning and be proud of how their property looks.

Generally spring is when many consumers look to revamp their lawn and landscape.  Although fall is when you should concentrate on your lawn.  September is the best month to seed and renovate your lawn.  This includes aerating, verticutting, and dethatching.  The reason fall is the best time to renovate your lawn is because the ground is warm for quick seed germination.  Additionally, to cool nights in the fall help the ground retain moisture and reduces the chance of fungus.  Fall is also a great time to feed your lawn with quality fertilizer to help it recover from the summer heat, and store nutrients for the winter.  Contact SK Lawn Care for all your seeding, fertilizing, mowing, and leaf removal needs.  And don’t forget about us next spring when you want your flower beds mulched, and that retaining wall you have been thinking about.  Contact us today for a free estimate at  We proudly service the South Kansas City area including Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Prairie Village, Raymore, Belton, Independence, and Kansas City.   

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  1. SK Lawn Care does great work indeed.


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