Weed Control is Important Before Establishing a New Lawn

Weed Control Is Important Before Establishing a New Lawn

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Controlling weeds is extremely important when establishing a new lawn.  Before planting new grass it is important to eliminate as many weeds as possible.  The reason for this is weeds will absorb and rob your new grass of water and vital nutrients necessary to establish a thick healthy lawn.  At SK Lawn Care we highly suggest eliminating weeds before planting grass seed for this very reason.  September is the ideal time in Kansas and Missouri to plant grass seed and renovate your lawn.  There for, August is the best time to begin controlling the weeds that have sprouted during the summer.  By controlling weeds in August, planting new grass in September, and feeding your lawn with quality fertilizer, your lawn will be thick and green year around.  We suggest yearly aeration and seeding to maintain a thick, healthy lawn.  Contact SK Lawn Care for all your lawn renovation services at www.sklawncarekc.com.


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