Don’t Let Summer Heat Damage Your Lawn

Don’t Let The Summer Heat Damage Your Lawn



We all know that during the hot summer months the hot and dry conditions can really take a toll on your lawn.  Unless you have an irrigation system in place it is almost impossible to not have any brown patches in your lawn this time of year.  This can be avoided with a few simple steps.  One of the main things you can do to prevent this is occasional watering.  Without an irrigation system this can be quite time consuming.  Although you don’t have to water every day.  By simply watering the lawn a couple times per week, in the morning preferably, your lawn can go into dormancy with out much damage to the lawn.  Additionally, by watering for long periods of time a couple times per week encourages deep root growth which will make your lawn more resistant to drought conditions.  Another step we recommend is aerating, fertilizing, and seeding your lawn annually.  This also encourages deep root growth, provides the lawn with essential nutrients, and is a great opportunity to counteract any pH imbalances in the soil.  SK Lawn Care provides all these services to our customers and ensures that by taking these steps your lawn will be thicker, healthier, and look much nicer year after year.  Contact us today to schedule your lawn renovation services.  Also, contact SK Lawn Care today for all your lawn and landscape needs.


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