SK Lawn Care Provides Top Quality Lawn Renovation Services

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At SK Lawn Care we know how important your lawn is when it comes to maintaining your property.  Having a nice lawn can increase the curb appeal for selling your home, and makes your lawn much easier to take care of.  By having a thick lush lawn keeps weeds from invading because there is no room for the weeds to grow.  Additionally, weed spray applications can be costly and can harm pets, people, and other plants on your property if the technician applying the spray is not properly trained.  We make sure all our technicians are properly trained, and post signs warning passing traffic to stay off the lawn.  Although having a thick lush lawn can be easy if the right products are used.  Many people think all grass seed is the same.  This is incorrect.  It is important to look at the label of the grass seed for the germination rate, weed seed percentage, and inert matter percentage.  These numbers, while small, can have a big affect on the result of seeding your lawn.  At SK Lawn Care we use only premium quality grass seed.  Whether you prefer fescue, blue grass, or rye grass, all of our seed has a 95%-98% germination rate with 0% weed seed, and 0% inert matter.  This means the seed we apply will germinate without any weeds.  Of course any time the soil is churned up there is a chance of weeds popping up from off sight locations.  Although when we apply seed, we apply it at 10 pounds per thousand square feet to choke out the weeds.  We recommend aerating and seeding your lawn every fall to keep the lawn thick and lush.  If your lawn is in desperate need of help we recommend verticutting to remove thatch build up and optimal coverage of new grass.  We also recommend pairing these services with a quality fertilizer program.  This helps prevent weeds from starting and feeds the grass so it is well nourished and healthy.  So contact SK Lawn Care today for all your lawn renovation needs, and see how we can make caring for your lawn easy and care free.

SK Lawn Care Offers Lawn Care Services and Landscape Services In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, Mission Hills & the entire Kansas City Metro Area:

Lawn Overseeding    Lawn Aerating    Landscaping   Lawn Verticutting   Leaf Removal   Lawn Cleanup


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