Fall is a Great Time to Landscape Your Lawn In Kansas City and Overland Park


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Quality Landscaping in Kansas City and Overland Park

Fall is the Ideal Time to Landscape your Lawn in Kansas City and Overland Park

Many people think about landscaping in the spring when it should really be done in the fall.  By landscaping in the fall, the new plants have time to establish a root system before winter sets in.  This allows the plants a better chance of survival and encourages deep root growth for strong healthy plants.  Additionally, in the spring your lawn and landscape will already look great, so you won’t have to worry about it and you can enjoy your beautiful lawn and landscape.  Fall is a great time for planting and fertilizing.  Whether you are installing bushes and trees, or overseeding your lawn.  Fall is the time to do it.  The main reason for this is because the soil is warm from the summer, and there is plenty of moisture in the air.  When you plant in the spring, the soil is still cold from the winter, and it takes longer for root systems to establish.  Then once they are established it is important to continue watering throughout the summer.  When the root system is established in the fall, less water is necessary during the following summer.  Contact SK Lawn Care for all your lawn and landscape needs in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, and Prairie Village.


Leaf removal and lawn cleanup are just some of the services SK Lawn Care provides for homeowners’ and business owners’ lawns.  SK Lawn Care is a full service lawn care company that can handle all of your residential lawn care or commercial lawn care needs. For a free estimate call (816) 372-4965 in Kansas City and (913) 940-6795 in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe and Mission Hills.

Call (913) 940-6795 For A Free Estimate or

SK Lawn Care Offers Lawn Care Services and Landscape Services In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, Mission Hills & the entire Kansas City Metro Area:

Lawn Overseeding    Lawn Aerating    Landscaping   Lawn Verticutting   Leaf Removal   Lawn Cleanup


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