Leaf Removal Creates Curb Appeal for You and Your Guests for Thanksgiving

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SK Lawn Care provides top quality leaf removal

During the holidays you always want your home to look its best for you and your guests.  You clean the house, cook an amazing meal, and entertain guests.  But what do they think when they first pull up to your home or business.  Your lawn and landscape is a first impression for your guests.  First impressions can set the mood for the entire event.  By having your lawn and landscape professionally manicured will have a tremendous affect on your guests first impression.  Of course usually this is not the first item on our mind when it comes to the holidays.  The grass isn’t growing, so why worry about your lawn and landscape?

In Kansas City, Overland Park, and Leawood we have large trees that drop numerous leaves in the fall.  The leaves build up in corners, around your entry way, and more importantly on your lawn.  Leaf removal is essential when it comes to preparing your home or business for the holidays.  Even if you lawn is not thick and lush, having professional leaf removal done can make your home stand out from the rest of the properties in the area.  Leaf removal is also the first step to take if your lawn is not thick and lush.  Proper leaf removal will help the compesition of your soil making it more desirable for grass to grow.  At SK Lawn Care we do not mulch the leaves back into your lawn like many other businesses doing leaf removal.  We know how important it is to completely remove the leaves from your lawn, then give it one last mowing for the season.  When doing leaf removal at SK Lawn Care we blow the leaves out of your flower beds and landscape and into your lawn.  Then to remove the leaves from your lawn by blowing them toward the curb where our machines can remove them without mulching them back into your lawn.  Our final step in leaf removal is mowing your lawn with a bag to pick up any additional leaves on your lawn, and giving your lawn that professional “stripped” look that you expect from a professional lawn care service.  We make sure to do leaf removal the right way so that your lawn is healthier, and your property looks amazing.

You have enough to worry about when it comes to the holidays.  Let SK Lawn Care take one more item off your to-do list by professionally removing the leaves from your lawn and landscape.  You will appreciate it, and your guests will be impressed before they walk in the door.  Leaf removal will give your guests a great first impression, setting the stage for your amazing meal and events.  So contact SK Lawn Care for all your lawn, landscape, and leaf removal needs at www.sklawncarekc.com

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