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Fall Seeding is Almost Over!!!


The ideal time to seed your lawn is in the fall, more specifically, September.  We are coming down to the last couple days of September, but it is not too late to seed your lawn.  By seeding your lawn in the fall, the soil is still warm, and there is adequate moisture in the air to feed the new grass.  Of course watering the new seed is important, but having these conditions make it ideal for growing new grass.  Although, mother nature is providing Kansas City, Leawood, and Overland Park with an extended growing season.  Growing new grass is best done when the high temperatures are between 65 and 85 degrees.  So it appears the growing season will be extended for another week or two.  Don’t delay any long though because in the mid-west the weather can seem to change over night.  Contact SK Lawn Care for all your fall seeding services, and let us renovate your lawn.  We always use premium quality seed, and fertilizer with all of our lawn renovation services.  Also contact SK Lawn Care when your leaves begin to fall.  We also offer leaf removal and lawn cleanup services.  Contact us today at


Leaf removal and lawn cleanup are just some of the services SK Lawn Care provides for homeowners’ and business owners’ lawns.  SK Lawn Care is a full service lawn care company that can handle all of your residential lawn care or commercial lawn care needs. For a free estimate call (816) 372-4965 in Kansas City and (913) 940-6795 in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe and Mission Hills.

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SK Lawn Care Offers Lawn Care Services and Landscape Services In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, Mission Hills & the entire Kansas City Metro Area:

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SK Lawn Care Provides Top Quality Lawn Renovation Services

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At SK Lawn Care we know how important your lawn is when it comes to maintaining your property.  Having a nice lawn can increase the curb appeal for selling your home, and makes your lawn much easier to take care of.  By having a thick lush lawn keeps weeds from invading because there is no room for the weeds to grow.  Additionally, weed spray applications can be costly and can harm pets, people, and other plants on your property if the technician applying the spray is not properly trained.  We make sure all our technicians are properly trained, and post signs warning passing traffic to stay off the lawn.  Although having a thick lush lawn can be easy if the right products are used.  Many people think all grass seed is the same.  This is incorrect.  It is important to look at the label of the grass seed for the germination rate, weed seed percentage, and inert matter percentage.  These numbers, while small, can have a big affect on the result of seeding your lawn.  At SK Lawn Care we use only premium quality grass seed.  Whether you prefer fescue, blue grass, or rye grass, all of our seed has a 95%-98% germination rate with 0% weed seed, and 0% inert matter.  This means the seed we apply will germinate without any weeds.  Of course any time the soil is churned up there is a chance of weeds popping up from off sight locations.  Although when we apply seed, we apply it at 10 pounds per thousand square feet to choke out the weeds.  We recommend aerating and seeding your lawn every fall to keep the lawn thick and lush.  If your lawn is in desperate need of help we recommend verticutting to remove thatch build up and optimal coverage of new grass.  We also recommend pairing these services with a quality fertilizer program.  This helps prevent weeds from starting and feeds the grass so it is well nourished and healthy.  So contact SK Lawn Care today for all your lawn renovation needs, and see how we can make caring for your lawn easy and care free.

SK Lawn Care Offers Lawn Care Services and Landscape Services In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, Mission Hills & the entire Kansas City Metro Area:

Lawn Overseeding    Lawn Aerating    Landscaping   Lawn Verticutting   Leaf Removal   Lawn Cleanup

SK Lawn Care Services Leawood with Top Quality Lawn and Landscape Services

SK Lawn Care Services Leawood with Top Quality Lawn and Landscape Services

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SK Lawn Care is making our way into the South Kansas City suburbs.  We have many satisfied lawn and landscape clients in and around Leawood Kansas.  We want to become a part of the Leawood community by providing the best lawn and landscape services.  We offer top quality lawn mowing, weed control, lawn fertilization treatments, mulching, seeding, lawn aeration, verticutting, dethatching, landscape maintenance, and landscape installation.  All services are provided with the natural environment and owners property value in mind.  At SK Lawn Care we want to increase your property value with quality landscaping, and personalize your home or office to match your personality.  We pay attention to the details of the job, and your unique vision of how you want your property to look.  It is your lawn and landscape and we want you to be as proud of it as we are.  Contact SK Lawn Care today to receive your free estimate on all your lawn and landscape needs in Leawood at


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Maintaining a Fescue Lawn

Fescue grass is an excellent type of turf grass used in many lawns in the mid-west region.  Generally many people overlook the importance of regularly mowing, aerating, fertilizing, and seeding a fescue lawn.  Fescue grass is an excellent type of grass to use on many lawns in the mid-west region.  It is tolerant to drought and traffic.  Additionally it is fairly low maintenance and has an excellent green color.  One issue about fescue grass is that it does not spread naturally.  That is why it is important to regularly seed a fescue lawn.

Depending on the specific type of fescue, it is tolerant to a wide range of environmental conditions.  Fescue lawns are tolerant to drought and traffic.  Additionally many types of fescue grow fairly well in the shade and fine fescues are often used in shade mix blends of grass seed.  Of course no grass will grow in an area where the shade density is too high.  All grasses need some sunlight, although many fine fescues offer fairly good coverage in shady areas of the lawn.  Regularly aerating and seeding a fescue lawn helps promote deep root growth and fills in thin areas of the lawn.

Another great feature about fescue lawns are there low maintenance, when maintained properly.  Proper maintenance includes regular mowing, watering, fertilizing, and aerating.  Fescue grass should be kept around 2 to 3 inches tall.  When mowing it is important to only cut a maximum of 1/3 of the total plant.  Meaning if you keep the grass at 3 inches tall, then you should never cut more than 1 inch each time you mow.  This is very common with most turf grasses.  Watering is also very important to all turf grasses, although fescue generally needs less water than bluegrass or bent grasses.  At minimum, fescue grasses should be watered every 21 days with at least one inch of water.  This is much less than many other types of turf grass.  Regular fertilization is also important in maintaining a this fescue lawn.  Supplementing the soil with additional nutrients will detour pests and promote vigorous growth.

Finally it is important to aerate and seed a fescue lawn regularly.  This can not be stressed enough, when you want a thick stand of turf.  The best time to aerate and seed is in the fall when cool season grasses naturally germinate.  Aerating promotes deep root growth, which helps with drought tolerance.  Additionally, aerating helps naturally break down thatch levels, and creates a thicker, healthier stand of turf.  By following these standards you will have a thick, beautiful stand of turf, with fairly low maintenance.  All turf grasses need some maintenance but fescue grass is an excellent choice for low maintenance.

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Spring Seeding

Grass seed can be applied to a lawn during any time of the year.  Cool season grasses are best planed in the fall, although the second best time to seed cool season grass is in the spring.  Fall is when cool season grasses naturally germinate due to the ideal growing conditions.  Moisture and soil temperature are two of the main factors for natural germination.  Many times after seed has been applied in the fall, some seedlings do not make it due to traffic, leaves falling, and varying weather conditions.  


Spring seeding coupled with lawn aeration can have an excellent affect on the fullness and thickness of your lawn.  It allows the soil to absorb additional oxygen which helps moderate moisture levels in the soil.  If there are areas in a lawn that have more compacted soil than in other areas of the lawn, then the compacted areas will not absorb moisture as well as the areas of the lawn that have more oxygen in the soil.  By a lawn having consistent soil pack allows moisture to absorb more evenly resulting in a uniform thick green look.  Apply seed after the aeration process is complete to fill in weak spots and holes, because that is why we are doing this to begin with, and water.  Soon your lawn will become increasingly thicker.


There are a few issues in spring seeding that can be overcome with time and care.  The first issue is soil temperature.  Ideal soil temperature is above 65 degrees and below 80 degrees.  It takes time for the soil to thaw from the winter freeze, and just because the air temperature is ideal does not necessarily mean the soil temperature has become ideal.  You can seed before the soil temperature reaches an ideal germination point.  It will simply take longer to see seedlings.  This is not something that will dramatically affect the long term outcome of your lawn.  Although it does increase the chances of seed to travel off site due to traffic or wind.  


Another issue with spring seeding is the air temperature.  In the spring, especially in the Midwest, weather can vary dramatically from 70’s one day to snow the next.  This means seed can begin to germinate then receive a flash freeze.  The grass can withstand these changes, although the baby grass is more susceptible to weather change.  Additionally, there is the other side of the air temperature issue, summer heat.  It is important to establish the new grass before the summer heat begins to put cool season grasses into summer dormancy.  It is very difficult to grow grass while it is naturally dormant.  If the seedlings have not matured, then they will probably not make it through the summer.  With a proper water schedule. and timing of seed these obstetrical can easily be over come.


Seeding cool season lawns is generally best done during the fall.  Although sometimes there are wholes or weak spots from fall seeding, so spring seeding is important and should not be over looked.  It is generally not best to do large renovations on your lawn in the spring, although that does not mean it can not be accomplished.  The spring is the second best time to seed your lawn.  The temperature reaches an ideal window for germination and there is plenty of water falling from the sky.  Of course fertilizer is important to promote growth and discourage weeds.  Having a quality lawn care professional to assist you can improve the success of your lawn dramatically.  Even if you are a do-it-yourself-er, you can ask questions and find out the processes and products the professionals use, and you can do it yourself.  Contact SK Lawn Care in the Kansas City area, and we would be happy to assist you in improving your lawn.