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Leaf Removal Is Crucial to having a Healthy Lawn

Fall Leaf Removal Kansas City Overland Park

SK Lawn Care Leaf Removal Kansas City Overland Park

Removing the leaves from your lawn is extremely important, not only to the curb appeal of your property, but also to the health of your lawn.  Fallen leaves are naturally recycled into the ground to feed the trees in future seasons.  In may properties in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Leawood, there are trees and grass in the property.  While the fallen leaves provide nutrients to the trees, they kill the grass at the same time.  In order to have a beautiful landscape, it is important to remove the leaves to encourage grass growth, and fertilize the lawn for both the health of your grass and trees.  Mulching the leaves is a good idea, to a certain extent.  It provides organic matter to the soil.  Although too much organic matter and create a thin lawn.  Since many of the trees in Overland Park, Leawood, and Kansas City it very large and mature, there are too many leaves to simply mulch into the soil.  This is why leaf removal is so important.  Leaf removal will allow your lawn and landscape to absorb sun light and water which is essential for growth.  Sure the lawn is not growing in the fall, but it is still absorbing nutrients for next spring.  Leaf removal allows this life cycle to continue for your lawn and landscape.  By providing your lawn with adequate leaf removal, your lawn will be greener and more healthy come spring.  Leaf removal will also make your lawn and landscape more appealing to both you and your guests.  So contact SK Lawn Care for all your leaf removal needs, and let us take one more chore off your to-do list by professionally removing leaves from your lawn and landscape.


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SK Lawn Care Provides Top Quality Lawn Renovation Services

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At SK Lawn Care we know how important your lawn is when it comes to maintaining your property.  Having a nice lawn can increase the curb appeal for selling your home, and makes your lawn much easier to take care of.  By having a thick lush lawn keeps weeds from invading because there is no room for the weeds to grow.  Additionally, weed spray applications can be costly and can harm pets, people, and other plants on your property if the technician applying the spray is not properly trained.  We make sure all our technicians are properly trained, and post signs warning passing traffic to stay off the lawn.  Although having a thick lush lawn can be easy if the right products are used.  Many people think all grass seed is the same.  This is incorrect.  It is important to look at the label of the grass seed for the germination rate, weed seed percentage, and inert matter percentage.  These numbers, while small, can have a big affect on the result of seeding your lawn.  At SK Lawn Care we use only premium quality grass seed.  Whether you prefer fescue, blue grass, or rye grass, all of our seed has a 95%-98% germination rate with 0% weed seed, and 0% inert matter.  This means the seed we apply will germinate without any weeds.  Of course any time the soil is churned up there is a chance of weeds popping up from off sight locations.  Although when we apply seed, we apply it at 10 pounds per thousand square feet to choke out the weeds.  We recommend aerating and seeding your lawn every fall to keep the lawn thick and lush.  If your lawn is in desperate need of help we recommend verticutting to remove thatch build up and optimal coverage of new grass.  We also recommend pairing these services with a quality fertilizer program.  This helps prevent weeds from starting and feeds the grass so it is well nourished and healthy.  So contact SK Lawn Care today for all your lawn renovation needs, and see how we can make caring for your lawn easy and care free.

SK Lawn Care Offers Lawn Care Services and Landscape Services In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, Mission Hills & the entire Kansas City Metro Area:

Lawn Overseeding    Lawn Aerating    Landscaping   Lawn Verticutting   Leaf Removal   Lawn Cleanup

Fall is the Best Time to Restore Your Lawn and Landscape In Kansas City, Overland Park, and Leawood

Fall is the best time to revamp your lawn and landscape.  The warm days and cool nights create an ideal environment for planting new grass, shrubs, and trees.  It offers warm soil and adequate moisture to begin new growth.  Planting new grass in the fall allows the seed to take root and establish itself before winter dormancy.  This will make your lawn thicker and healthier in the spring.  SK Lawn Care recommends aerating and/or verticutting your lawn any time grass seed is applied.  We also recommend applying a quality starter fertilizer when seeding, and another application of quality starter fertilizer one month after planting.  This gives the lawn an extra boost of nutrients to establish roots and thrive.

Planting shrubs and trees in the fall is also ideal.  The fall is a great time to do any landscaping, so that your landscape looks nice and is ready to go in the spring.  We also recommend adding mulch to flower beds that need additional mulch.  Having a nice thick layer of mulch going into winter keeps your new plants from going into shock on the first frost.  It helps retain warmth and moisture on the first frost for your landscape.  Your lawn and landscape are large investments in your properties curb appeal.  So it is important to take care of it at the proper time.  By doing so, both your lawn and landscape will be healthier, and much less expensive to maintain, rather than waiting until it needs help.  Contact SK Lawn Care today for all your lawn and landscape needs in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, and Prairie Village.


SK Lawn Care is full service lawn care company specializing in landscaping services for Overland Park, Kansas City and Leawood. During the fall we recommend that homeowners and business owners have their lawns over-seeded, aerated, verticut and have the leaves removed for a healthy, beautiful lawn. For quality lawn care and landscaping services call (816) 372-4965 in Kansas City and (913) 940-6795 in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe and Mission Hills.

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SK Lawn Care Offers Lawn Care Services In Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, Mission Hills & the entire Kansas City Metro Area:

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Weed Control is Important Before Establishing a New Lawn

Weed Control Is Important Before Establishing a New Lawn

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Controlling weeds is extremely important when establishing a new lawn.  Before planting new grass it is important to eliminate as many weeds as possible.  The reason for this is weeds will absorb and rob your new grass of water and vital nutrients necessary to establish a thick healthy lawn.  At SK Lawn Care we highly suggest eliminating weeds before planting grass seed for this very reason.  September is the ideal time in Kansas and Missouri to plant grass seed and renovate your lawn.  There for, August is the best time to begin controlling the weeds that have sprouted during the summer.  By controlling weeds in August, planting new grass in September, and feeding your lawn with quality fertilizer, your lawn will be thick and green year around.  We suggest yearly aeration and seeding to maintain a thick, healthy lawn.  Contact SK Lawn Care for all your lawn renovation services at


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Seeding Your Lawn in the Winter?!?

If you have a cool season grass type in your lawn then it is generally best to seed your lawn in the fall.  Fall is when cool season grasses naturally germinate and seeding at this time allows for the best possible outcome.  Many argue that the spring time is best for seeding, which is not entirely false.  The spring is the second best time to seed your lawn using a cool season grass.  The main reason why fall is a more advantageous time to seed is because of the soil temperature   Since the soil is still warm from the summer, grass seed germinates much faster than in cooler soil still warming up from winter frost.


Why would we be discussing seeding your lawn in the winter if the fall has already past?


Many times after  there are still weak spots from traffic, birds, and nature.  Additionally, leaves fall after it is best to seed, so you may rake out some new grass trying to keep your lawn clear of leaves.  That is how we find ourselves discussing “dormant seeding” or seeding in the winter time.  Dormant seeding seems to work best with a little bit of snow on the ground to help the seed and moisture leach into the ground.  This will result in a thicker lawn in the spring.  Of course the more seed you apply to your lawn the thicker it will be, so if you seed in the fall, seed in the winter, and seed in the spring, the weak spots in your lawn should be less prevalent.   As long as you have been watering.  Moisture is very key in the germination of seed.  Too much moisture and your seed will flow out of place, either off the property or to low areas, causing uneven distribution of grass.  Not enough moisture and the seed will either not germinate or baby grass will be malnourished for proper growth.  By placing seed in the snow, usually best to have about 1-2 inches of accumulation, the soil will naturally absorb both the seed and moisture.  Even if the temperature does not drop to melt the snow for some time the seed will remain frozen preventing early germination.

Adding an additional round of seeding in the winter, where the seed stays frozen to prevent early germination and additional moisture is stored in the ground, can be very beneficial to your lawn.  This is not the best time to seed your lawn, but it is a good time to recover weak spots.  Of course you can seed numerous times per year and still not have a thick healthy lawn with out a proper nutrition and maintenance plan.  Frequent mowing and fertilization applications can go a long way in maintaining an attractive property.