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Spring is Here!!!



Spring is finally here!  Yesterday the temperature reached 80 degrees and tomorrow the forecast calls for snow.  Yep, it must be spring in Kansas City.  Now is the perfect time to begin feeding your lawn and landscape so your property is attractive all summer.  Maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape can be easy, as long as you treat the plants at the proper time and use proper cultivation techniques.  Spring is the ideal time to feed you lawn and landscape because that is when much of the active growth occurs.  Spring is also the second best time to plant grass seed.  The reason fall is a more ideal time is because that is when cool-season grasses naturally germinate due to the soil temperature.  Now that the soil temperature has increased in the mid-west, seed can be planted.  Since it is the spring, germination of seedlings may take a little longer, but it is a great time to fill in thin or bare spots.  Additionally, it is important to keep the soil moist while establishing new turf.  By planting in the spring much of the irrigation comes naturally, which saves your water bill.  We still suggest doing the majority of your seeding and renovation in the fall, although the spring is an excellent time to fill in some of those thinner areas, giving you a thick healthy lawn all summer.  Contact SK Lawn Care for all your lawn and landscape needs in Kansas City and visit our website at